Seller Guidelines/ Agreement

Seller Drop off DAYS AND TIMES will be emailed to 

registered sellers. 




All sellers will be required to agree to the following terms in order to sell.  A link will be sent for you to complete this process online. 

1. I have read clearly and agree to everything in the seller guidelines.

2. I understand that I am required to comply with the CPSC’s regulations. As a

reseller, I am solely responsible for ensuring products I am selling comply with CPSC

standards. I also attest that I have not included recalled items in the products I am selling.

3. I understand that unless I am donating all of my items at the end of the sale, I must

pick up my items on Sunday – the day after the sale - between 1:00- 2:00pm. At 2:00

SHARP, any items not picked up will immediately be donated to charity (they will be on a

donation truck at 2:01 and cannot be retrieved). NO EXCEPTIONS! I also must bring my

own bins to pick my items up in.

 4. I understand that I am not guaranteed the same number from sale to sale if my

number is not reserved by the date emailed to me by LEHSO (or found on their website),

AND if all seller fees are not paid by the final registration date/time.

5. I understand that the LEHSO Clothing Sale is not responsible for any lost or stolen


 6. I understand that the LEHSO will only communicate their correspondence with me

only via email and or text (and/or on their website). It is my responsibility to make sure they have my

updated email address.

7. I understand that in order to receive my 70/30 split for my sold items I must

volunteer a 2-hour shift in the times communicated to me by the LEHSO Resale Committee.

Failure to volunteer will result in my cut of my profits dropping to a 50/50 split. You only

get one emergency 50/50 split option to not volunteer. Sellers must volunteer.